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"It's not about creating a product quickly, it's about creating something unique and constantly improving technically."


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The German artist Astrid Wilk took interior design to a new level – she designs miniature interiors filled with plants, furniture, and other furnishings made from polymer clay in order to create different aesthetically pleasing scenes that make you want to step inside and explore. Astrid takes a particular interest in tropical houseplants. “I am fascinated by the diverse and interesting leaf patterns and structures,” she explains.


Astrid artworks are distinguished by realistic coloration, masterful use of transparency, and highly detailed leaf patterns from polymer clay.

As a formally trained artist with a background in Fine Art and a member of a distinguished artists' collective in Germany, her artwork is a testament to her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to the craft.

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Join Astrid Wilk's class and learn how to create a stunning miniature version of the Philodendron "Birkin" using polymer clay. This plant changes its leaf color from almost white to dark green and white striped leaf patterns over time. It thrives in a bright, shady position with increased air humidity but dislikes too much water. With Astrid's guidance, you won't have to worry about plant care. 


Mixing realistic green tones from polymer clay is a challenge we are up to. Astrid will share with you her process of creating detailed leaf canes and sculpting all the details. Moreover, this class offers endless possibilities for clay artists of all areas, as you can use the techniques to create unique and realistic miniatures, or other designs and ornaments.

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